Buildings Division FAQs

 Q: I called in the complaint on the building; why was I summoned to a hearing?

    A: When you called in the complaint, you became the complaining witness in the enforcement action. At the hearing you have the opportunity to explain the circumstances which caused you to call in the complaint by providing testimony or other evidence to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This could assist the ALJ in determining if the violations existed.


 Q: Why does the City keep sending me a notice for this property? I told them several times that I do not own the property. How do I prove this fact? Why do I have to file a motion for a hearing on this matter?

      A: Your name appeared as result of a title search. Most likely, you will need to file a motion to set-aside the default to resolve the case in a hearing. Also, you may wish to contact the Ownership Unit at the Department of Law for review. You may contact 312.742.0007 for further information.


 Q: I fixed the building problems while the inspector was standing there…why do I have to come to court?

    A: The Department of Buildings is alleging that the violations were still there on the date of inspection. The hearing is your opportunity to contest any allegations and show proof that the problems were corrected.


 Q: My order states that I have been found previously liable.  Can I have another hearing?

    A: No, you may not have another hearing. This is a final order. Once a final order is entered, the Department of Administrative Hearings no longer has jurisdiction (the legal authority) to take any further action. The case can be appealed to the Circuit Court of Cook County, Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St., Room 602. Appeals must be filed within 35 days of the final order.


Q: How can I contact the building inspectors?

    A: To contact a building inspector, please call 311, the City of Chicago’s general information line, or contact the Department of Buildings main telephone number at 312.743.7200.


Q: I have a lien on my property.  Who do I contact to find out why?

    A: You may contact the Cook County Recorder of Deeds office at 312.603.5050. If your lien is the result of an Administrative Hearings judgment, you may contact the Department of Revenue at 312.742.3317 for further information.

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