How to Prepare For a Hearing

What Do I Do if I Received a Notice of Violation?

In general, the Notice will inform you of: 1) the alleged violation; 2) the date, time and place that the alleged violation occurred; and 3) what your options are with regard to payment, mandatory appearance at a hearing, or the opportunity to request a hearing to contest (fight) the violation. The Notice will include a list of ordinance violations that are eligible for mail-in payments. If the violation alleged in your Notice is eligible for mail-in payment, you must follow the instructions on the Notice if you choose Mail-In Option. If the Notice states that you are required to appear at a hearing, the Notice will state the date, time and place for your hearing. If the Notice states that you may request a hearing, the Notice will instruct you as to which city department to contact and the time frame in which to do so.

Again, questions as to why you were cited must be directed to the city agency which issued the Notice of Violation. Also, if you believe that the wrong person or property was cited by mistake, you are strongly encouraged to contact the city agency which issued the Notice of Violation. Ignoring a Notice may result in a default judgment being entered against you.

What Should I Bring to My Hearing?

It is in your best interest to be at the hearing. You can bring an attorney at your own expense to represent you or you can bring a representative (a friend, family member or business associate) to help you present your case. You are strongly encouraged to bring all of your evidence (photos, receipts, invoices, permits, etc.) and witnesses with you. If English is not your first language, you are encouraged to bring a friend or family member to help translate.

What Do I Do When I Arrive for My Hearing?

When you arrive at the hearing facility please go to the room identified on your Notice of Violation or Notice of Hearing. If there is no room number identified on your Notice please ask the information staff  for directions to the correct hearing room.

When you arrive at your hearing room, please take a seat until your case is called.

A city representative or lawyer (not employed by the Department of Administrative Hearings) may wish to speak with you prior to your hearing. This is because the city representative or lawyer may discuss a settlement offer with you prior to the hearing. For further information on settlements please see the section entitled: What is a Pre-Hearing Settlement Offer?

Are There Limitations On What I Can Bring Into The Facility?

Please note that all persons entering a hearing facility must go through security. Weapons (including pocket or utility knives; chemical sprays; and knife or chemical spray key-chains) are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated without return. No food or drinks are allowed.

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