Why Was I issued a Notice of Violation?

Why was I issued a Notice of Violation?

When the City of Chicago determines that an ordinance violation has occurred, it will serve (in-person or by mail) the party responsible for the alleged violation with a Notice of Violation ("Notice") outlining the city's allegations.

The city regulatory department (such as Police, Department of Buildings, Streets and Sanitation, Revenue, Health or Consumer Services) then files a copy of the Notice of Violation with the Department of Administrative Hearings for adjudication.

The Department of Administrative Hearings does not investigate, file or prosecute a case. Other city departments or agencies charged with protecting the public safety, health and welfare can file a case with the Department based on the observations of or investigation by a police officer, city inspector or city enforcing official. Therefore, questions as to why you were cited must be directed to the city agency which issued the Notice of Violation. You may call 311 for assistance in obtaining the appropriate city agency to contact.

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