Title and License Revocation Information

Choose the following that applies to you and follow the directions stated.

Sold to an individual but the title was not transferred in your presence:

  • Attempt to find the person you sold the vehicle to and obtain the form, RUT-50, Vehicle Use Tax Return. You can get this form from the Secretary of State facility or the currency exchange you used to transfer the title. This form is only obtained when the title is transferred and the applicable used car sales tax is paid.
  • Attempt to find the person you sold the vehicle to and obtain a copy of the bill of sale or the transferred title.
  • Write a letter to the Secretary of State as instructed below and send the letter by certified mail return receipt requested.

Traded to a dealership:

  •  You will need the trade documentation from the dealership. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be noted in the trade section of the bill of sale.

Donated to an organization or sold to a junk yards:

  • Obtain a receipt from the organization with VIN and a date vehicle was donated/junked OR
  • Obtain a letter on a company letterhead with VIN and the date the vehicle was donated or junked.

After you have completed the above instructions that apply to you, write a letter to the secretary of state and request that the title be revoked from your name. Send the letter by certified mail-return receipt requested.


Address the letter to:   Secretary Of State Police

                                         3650 Winchester Road

                                         Springfield, IL 62707


Telephone Number:    217.557.2078

Fax:                                  217.782.2896


*Please include a description of the vehicle:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Year the vehicle was sold
  • Date the vehicle was sold
  • Who the vehicle was sold to

*Attach a copy of one of the following:

Notarized copy of the Bill of SaleCopy of the Transferred TitleTrade-In documentationCopy of the receipt or letter on a company letterhead for the donated vehicle

It will take a few months for the revocation of the title to be processed. Your will need to bring the documents you receive from the Secretary of State with you on your next hearing date. If you next hearing date arrives and you have not received the title revocation letter; you must still appear for your scheduled date.


***For further Secretary of State information or if you wish to obtain a Secretary of State Police Vehicle Registration and/or Title Revocation application, please click here.

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