Animal Care

Dog and Cat

Chicago Animal Care and Control is equipped with a complete medical complex, full laboratory, radiology, and surgical capabilities for the care of its animals.  Chicago Animal Care & Control veterinarians daily evaluate and treat the animals housed in the center.


CACC’s Facility:

  • CACC is a 54,000 square foot building, which houses approximately 500 animals in separate kennels.
  • CACC has a fully-equipped medical division to care for the animals in its care.
  • CACC houses a command center for Animal Control Officers and Inspectors and has a fleet of 18 trucks.
  • CACC has a shelter operations division to clean, feed and care for the animals.
  • CACC has offices for the Executive Director and administrative and management staff.
Adopt a Pet

Every companion animal deserves a loving home.

Dog Registration

Dog license applications are now being accepted at both City Clerk Satellite facilities. Licensing dogs provides the very real benefit of helping to assist public health. All licensed dogs must have proof of rabies inoculation.

Lost/Found Pet

If you lost your pet in Chicago, please visit Chicago Animal Care & Control at 2741 S. Western Ave.

Outside the City of Chicago - Lost Pet

If you lost your pet outside of the City of Chicago, please contact these additional agencies that impound stray animals.

Tips on Caring for your Cat

If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, keep him/her inside.

Tips on Caring for your Dog

Proper house-training of a puppy (or adult dog) is essential if he/she is to be a welcome member of the family. Fortunately, dogs have instincts that make it easy to teach them proper habits if we are consistent and patient with them. Because dogs are den animals they prefer not to soil their sleeping area. This is the basis of house-training.


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Animal Care and Control