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  Thank you for your interest in adopting from Chicago Animal Care and Control!



See pics and videos of our animals:


Next, come and see us!

  • Chicago Animal Care and Control is open for walk-in adoptions from 12 pm to 7 pm daily. If you are planning to adopt the day you visit, please plan to arrive before 5:30 pm. Visitors arriving after 5:30pm will still be able to view animals in Pavilions A-B-C & cat adopts until 7pm. 
  • If you have any questions, please email or call 312-747-1406.  A representative from CACC will contact you within 48 hours.



  • The adoption fee for all dogs and cats is $65.
  • You must be 18 years or older & have a valid government-issued photo ID
  • Please note: We prefer to meet all family members on adoption day and if you have another dog at home, we encourage you to do a meet and greet with your dog.  If you are planning a meet and greet with your current dog, you should make an appointment by emailing  

    Additionally, CACC is not able to perform meet and greets between dogs and cats at our facility. 

 When you arrive...

  • Sign in with your photo ID at the security desk then check in with the front desk for a questionnaire
  • We’ll quickly review your questionnaire and then you’ll be invited to meet our animals

If You Meet the Pet for You...

  • You will review some paperwork and pet care resources with one of our staff or volunteers, including a contract for you to sign.  Our contract requires you to take your new pet to see your veterinarian within 14 days of the adoption.
  • If your animals is ready for same-day adoption, a staff member will bring them to the lobby
  • If your dog or cat is not yet altered, we will call you when they are ready to go home (usually just a day or two)
  • An ID tag will be made for your pet. Your new pet will get a collar (and a leash for dogs)
  • CACC may take adoption photos to be used in social media and marketing materials

If You Don’t Meet the Right Pet...

  • See all adoptable pets (updated hourly) at , visit the Adoptable Pet Facebook page, or the CACC Cats Facebook page.
  • Some pets are not available for direct adoption. They may be on a stray hold or have medical or behavioral issue that will be addressed in a foster home. These animals are transferred to our transfer partners and can be fostered/adopted from them. List of Rescue Partners 


Adopting a pet is an important commitment for the rest of your pet's life.  Please consider this decision carefully.


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