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Thanks for your interest in adopting from Chicago Animal Care and Control!

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  • The adoption fee for all dogs and cats is $65.
    • The fee includes spay/neuter, rabies shot, vaccinations, microchip, heartworm test (adult dogs)
    • Pay with cash (exact change), checks, credit/debit cards
  • Adoptions are conducted at CACC: 2741 S. Western Avenue, Chicago
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid government-issued photo ID
  • Please note: We prefer to meet all family members on adoption day and if you have another dog at home, we strongly encourage you to do a meet and greet with your dog


  • We are conveniently located at 2741 S. Western Ave. There is free parking to the south of the shelter building (enter from 28th)
  • Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time
  • Show your photo ID and sign in at the security desk
  • Check in for your showing at the front desk
  • We will have your questionnaire ready to review and then you’ll be invited to meet our animals

If You Meet the Pet for You

  • You’ll review some paperwork and pet care resources with one of our staff or volunteers
  • You will sign a contract (view a copy at the lobby desk)
  • You need to agree to take your pet to a veterinarian within 14 days of adoption
  • If your animals is already spayed/neutered, a staff member will bring them to the lobby
  • If your dog or cat is not yet altered, we will call you when the pet is ready to go home
  • You will get a folder with adoption information, rabies tags, and microchip details (you don’t need to do anything unless you move)
  • An ID tag will be made for your pet. Your new pet will get a collar (and a leash for dogs)
  • CACC may take adoption photos to be used in social media and marketing materials

If You Don’t Meet the Right Pet...

  • See all adoptable pets (updated hourly) at
  • Visit the Adoptable Pet Facebook page
  • Some pets are not available for direct adoption. They may be on a stray hold or have medical or behavioral issue that will be addressed in a foster home. These animals are transferred to our transfer partners and can be fostered/adopted from them. List of Rescue Partners 

Adoption Warranty, Refund, Return Policy

AW License #: 1151 The adopter agrees to see a licensed Veterinarian within fourteen (14) days of the adoption for a physical examination of the adopted animal. Any adopter of an animal from an Animal Control Center may exchange such animal for another of the same species and sex within 14 days from date of adoption if said animal has been examined by a veterinarian or by an authorized representative of the Executive Director of the Commission on Animal Care and Control and found to be physically or otherwise defective, or unadaptable to the home of the adopter, but no refund shall be made if exchange shall be declined by the adopter.

Pet Adoption Resources:

Below are some resources to help you and your new pet make a successful forever family. This should not be considered an endorsement of any particular service or organizations by Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Tips on Introducing a new pet into the home:



 Tips on Introducing new pets to resident pets


Introducing Dog to Dog:

Introducing Dogs to Cats:

Introducing Cat to Cat:


Adopting an adult dog?


Adopting an adult cat?


More Resources:



Adopting a pet is an important commitment for the rest of your pet's life.  Please consider this decision carefully. 


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