Doggie Day Out Program


 Doggie Day Out


CACC’s Doggie Day Out Program (DDO) is designed to give long-term dogs (over 30 days) in our care an opportunity to get out of the shelter environment and spend time out in the world. This Program will help relieve the stress that many dogs feel living in the shelter environment, and it will allow the dogs to be seen / marketed while out on their Doggie Day Out. Doggie Day Out Program Fosters are encouraged to help the dogs in our care experience life outside of the shelter and to promote adoption / rescue of the dog (social media, pictures) in order to help the dog find its forever home!  Doggie Day Out Program Fosters may bring the dog to any local, public location which allows dogs or to your private residence; however, interaction with other animals should be avoided.   Doggie Day Out Program Fosters are allowed to check a dog out for the day Tuesday through Thursday for up to 4 hours.  Please click here for the information on the program and instructions on how to sign up.