Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Chicago Animal Care and Control is currently in the process of updating and revamping all of its protocols.  Please check back as we update and approve protocols, we will add them to this site.  We anticipate that this process will be lengthy and ask for your patience in the meantime.



      Field Operations

Field Operations (FO-1m) - 1st Watch (11 pm - 7 am) Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities

     General Order

General Order (GO-001) - Department Mission and Programs
General Order (GO-002) - Chain of Command
General Order (GO-003) - Deputy Director Responsibilities 
General Order (GO-004) - Operations Manager Responsibilities
General Order (GO-005) - Administrative Service Officer II Responsibilities
General Order (GO-006) - Kennel Manager Responsibilities
General Order (GO-010) - Facility (Building & Personnel)
General Order (GO-011) - Property Missing (Missing/Damaged/Loss)
General Order (GO-012) - Parking Guidelines for Vehicles
General Order (GO-015) - Lunches/Breaks
General Order (GO-017) - Automated Time and Attendance Procedures/Roll Call Attendance
General Order (GO-022) - After Hours Crisis Care Program
General Order (GO-027) – Euthanasia of Animals
General Order (GO-032) - Overtime Management Policy Compensatory Time Earned/Used
General Order (GO-035) - Visitors
General Order (GO-050) - Media Relations Policy
General Order (GO-056) - Identification and Handling of Aggressive Animals
General Order (GO-056b) - Two-Way Radio Communication Devices
General Order (GO-063) - Offsite Event Requests
General Order (GO-064) – Vaccination of Animals Upon Intake
General Order (GO-065) - CIRDC Protocol (Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex)
General Order (GO-066) - IPad Protocol

     Shelter Operations

Shelter Operations (SO-010) - Foster Program Procedures
Shelter Operations (SO-021) - Cat Intake Protocols
Shelter Operations (SO-020c) - Priority of Holds (adoption & rescue) for Animals

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