CACC COVID-19 Service Stats

During the unprecedented time that Chicago has been living during the Stay at Home order, the Chicago Department of Animal Care and Control has continued to serve the residents of Chicago without interruption. We are proud to share that since March 21st when the Stay at Home order went into effect and we started to modify the way we provide our services, our officers continue to respond to service requests for injured, abandoned, vicious and stray animals in addition to cruelty/neglect and agency assist cases, and each day animals leave the building via transfer, adoption, or return to their families. We've also been able to provide assistance to residents who tested positive for COVID-19 and needed help with their animals by providing shelter and testing for them, thanks to a great partnership with the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.  Meanwhile, in conjunction with our Rescue Partners, CACC is able to assist Chicago residents with resources to keep their pets in their homes during this difficult time, helping to keep our average shelter population consistently under 100 animals since early April. We are so grateful to the staff, volunteers, transfer partners, and animal-loving residents of Chicago, who have played a part in keeping the city's animals safe while we all work to keep each other safe.  Thank you.

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