Initial Findings: Kinzie Street Protected Bike Lane

September 21, 2011

June - September 2011

The Chicago Department of Transportation completed construction for the Kinzie Street Protected Bike Lane in July 2011. Since its opening, the 1/2 mile protected bike lane has provided a safe route for bicyclists, acted as a traffic calming device and has encouraged riders of all ages and skill levels to enjoy bicycling the Kinzie Corridor.

1.  Cyclists feel safe on Kinzie...

  • According to a CDOT field survey, 86% of respondents feel safe or very safe riding on Kinzie
  • 49% of respondents felt motorist behavior improved on Kinzie post-installation

2.  Bicycle ridership is up...

  • Counts during morning rush hour observed bicycle ridership up 55% post-construction
  • According to a CDOT field survey, 41% of respondents changed their usual route to take advantage of the new protected bike lane
  • A CDOT count indicated during the morning rush hour bicyclists account for 53% of eastbound traffic and 34% of all traffic

3.  A travel time study found little to no effect on automobile traffic...

  • Eastbound morning rush hour travel time from Milwaukee to Wells increased by less than 1 minute
  • Westbound morning rush hour travel time from Wells to Milwaukee slightly decreased
  • Evening rush hour travel time in both directions slightly decreased

4.  Kinzie is a work in progress...

  • Red flashing beacons and new signage introduced, bollards removed to increase access
  • CDOT will continue to monitor traffic operations and citizen concerns


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