Viaduct Clearances

This viaduct-clearance information was prepared by CDOT, and is intended to provide users with clearances along the streets and highways in Chicago. The clearances shown are correct to the best of our knowledge; however, the City of Chicago does not assume any responsibility for discrepancies that may exist, nor for any damages arising out of the failure of motor vehicle operators to exercise due care and caution. The clearances shown serve as a guideline and are advisory only.

The publishers of this information do not guarantee its accuracy and shall not be responsible for any loss or injury caused to any degree by negligence, omission, error or contingencies beyond their control. Viaduct clearance heights are posted on signs at each viaduct.

Viaduct clearance information by street is listed in the link below according to sequential order by street, with numerical order preceding alphabetical streets.

This information includes posted viaduct clearances with locations and type of structure.


Please use the references below in interpreting the listed information

  • NP: not posted, the clearance is over 14 feet 6 inches
  • EX: actual clearance is posted with "Exactly" on sign
  • SR: structure was removed/no longer exists
  • UC: under construction


For further information, contact the CDOT Division of Engineering at 312.742.3815