CDOT Online Permit Portal

Welcome to CDOT's new online permit portal.  You can register your business and train your employees to take advantage of the new streamlined way to secure permits for construction, truck travel, maintenance and other activities in the public way that require a CDOT permit.

The new system went live last December. It replaced the old CDOT permit request process and has improved processing time and reduced errors caused by data input mistakes.

CDOT customers now have a one-stop online shop for all their permitting needs, eliminating unnecessary and costly trips to City Hall, and giving business owners more time to better focus on their own customers.

This system also gives you the added bonus of tracking the status of permit applications in real time. As a registered CDOT customer you can access this new system 24 hours a day/7 days a week, at home or the office – or even from your mobile phone.

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