CDOT Online Permit Portal

Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) accepts electronic permit applications through the permit portal at The permit portal allows users to manage their permits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users will need to create an account before applying for permits (the permit portal features instructions on how to create an account). You can apply for the following permit types on the portal.

Permit Type


DOT Construction Canopy

Issued for scaffolding erected on the public way.

DOT Dumpster

Issued for large rollaway dumpsters most often observed at construction sites.

DOT Miscellaneous

Issued for activities including newspaper stands, “helicopter lifts” (using a helicopter to land HVAC units on the roof of skyscrapers), and “freight tunnel” (allowing contractors access to the City’s freight tunnels for cable runs).

DOT Occupy the Public Right of Way

Issued to contractors to obstruct the public way (with barricades, work vehicles, etc.).

DOT Public Way Opening

Issued to contractors to open the public way, provided they have also acquired a dig ticket.

DOT Special Event

Issued for special events in the public way including parades, movie crews, block parties, outdoor dining, and athletic events.

DOT Truck Routing

Issued for semitrucks and other large vehicles to travel along approved corridors.

DOT Driveway

Issued for commercial (annual fee) and residential (no annual fee) driveways.


You can also find permit data on ChiStreetWork and the Chicago Data Portal. Please be advised that permit fees may change year-to-year. It is incumbent upon permittees to review the Permit Fee Schedule prior to applying for a permit. By applying for a permit, permittees acknowledge and accept the fees posted in the Permit Fee Schedule. In addition, please review the following information related to CDOT permits.  


  1. Permit Processing Times – CDOT strives to review and process permits in a timely manner. However, due to COVID-19, processing times may be longer than usual.


  1. Expanded Outdoor Dining - CDOT will consider permitting new outdoor dining locations during the winter months. Visit for more information


  1. Special Notice About Block Party Permits – To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), City of Chicago, and State of Illinois advise against large gatherings. In accordance with the guidance, CDOT will not issue Block Party permits until public health officials deem large gatherings to be safe.
    Please refer to the City of Chicago’s COVID-19 website (gov/coronavirus) for the latest updates on the response to COVID-19.


  1. Driveway Permits - In October 2020, CDOT migrated driveway permits to its permitting system of record—IPS 11. The migration offers permittees a more efficient way to apply for, manage, and pay for driveway permits. Specifically, commercial and residential driveway permittees can log into the permit portal and claim their driveway. In addition, commercial driveway permittees must use the permit portal to pay all driveway renewal fees. Please visit the driveway website or contact with questions.


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