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DCOT will consider permitting new outdoor dining locations during the winter months. 
Special Notice About Block Party Permits
  • Following recommendations from the CDC and the guidance of City and State officials to avoid non-essential gatherings and any gatherings larger than 50 individuals, Block Party permits are not being issued for the remainder of 2020.

  • CDOT will continue to work closely with the Mayor's Office and Public Health officials both locally and at the State level to adopt protocols based on the 
    recommendations and guidance provided to keep our residents safe.

  • Please refer to the Chicago Department of Public Health’s website, for the latest local updates on the response to COVID-19.

Welcome to CDOT's new online permit portal.  You can register your business and train your employees to take advantage of the new streamlined way to secure permits for construction, truck travel, maintenance and other activities in the public way that require a CDOT permit.

The new system went live last December. It replaced the old CDOT permit request process and has improved processing time and reduced errors caused by data input mistakes.

CDOT customers now have a one-stop online shop for all their permitting needs, eliminating unnecessary and costly trips to City Hall, and giving business owners more time to better focus on their own customers.

This system also gives you the added bonus of tracking the status of permit applications in real time. As a registered CDOT customer you can access this new system 24 hours a day/7 days a week, at home or the office – or even from your mobile phone.

The CDOT Permit office is still accepting driveway application during this difficult time.  However, the CDOT permitting staff will beworking remotely.  As such a few changes to the application proicess are necessary.  Please see below for instructions on how to submit an application for a CDOT Driveway permit.

Commercial Driveways and release letters:
  • For existing driveways CDOT customers can submit their commercial driveway permit application and residential driveway permit application along with the pertinent documents at A list of the pertinent documents is provided below. 
  • Customers applying for a business license who also need a driveway release letter as part of the business license application process can request the driveway release letter at
  • For any driveway permit application which requires a building permit, the applicant must provide a driveway permit application and Site Plan stamped by Zoning along with the pertinent documents at  
Commercial applicants must submit an application along with the following pertinent documents:
  • Completed application
  • One copy of a dimensioned site plan, drawn to scale. Plan must show entire site and all proposed and existing driveways (all existing driveways to be removed must be noted and shown on the site plan).
  • One photo of each driveway showing curb and sidewalk area.
  • Certificate of insurance (property owner’s) with a combined single limit in the amount of $1,000,000. The City of Chicago its officers, employees or agent as additionally insured with regards to the General Liability Policy for the driveway(s) located at: (the address of the subject property).
  • Copy of endorsement that demonstrates the City of Chicago has been added as an additional insured consistent with Chapter 10-20-415 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, an example of an acceptable endorsement would include ISO form CG 20 13 11 85 or CG 20 13 04 13
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number and Permanent Index Number (PIN) for the property.
  • Application fee (to be mailed to lock box provided by CDOT) - Application Fees: 25 feet or less in width measured at the widest point-$100.00. Greater than 25 feet in width add an additional $2.00 per foot.
Residential Driveways:
For residential properties, the amount of insurance is based on the home value. For commercial properties, the required amount is $1,000,000. Having the City listed as an additional insured does not incur any cost to the applicant or affect the cost of the policy.
Residential applicants must submit a driveway application along with the following pertinent documents:
  • Completed application
  • One copy of a plat of survey and one copy of a site plan showing the exact location of the proposed driveway, or for an existing driveway application or sketch showing exact location and the entire site being served by existing driveway showing curb cut.
  • One photo of the driveway or proposed location showing curb and sidewalk area
  • Certificate of insurance (property owner’s) for personal liability naming the City of Chicago, its officers, employees or agents as additionally insured with regards to the General Liability Policy for the driveway(s) located at: (the address of the subject property).
  • Residential (Class A) application fees—not to exceed 4 units:
  • Application Fee: $10.00 for the life of the ownership. (Fee to be mailed to lockbox provided by CDOT).  Any change in ownership requires new application
Additional Information:
Important note: The permit fee for each driveway within the Central Business District (area as defined in section 9-4-010 of the code) is twice the amount listed above.
Requirement if your driveway leads to an alley:
All commercial business or residential apartment building or condominium complex with a parking lot or garage that can be accessed through the alley (if the capacity at that lot or garage is in excess of five spaces) must get approval from their alderman, who will then prepare an alley access ordinance to introduce to City Council for passage.
Proof of an alley access ordinance is necessary for the issuance of a building permit and driveway permit.
In the event the ordinance is denied, a barrier (either steel guard rail or fence) must be erected. Proof of this is required on the site plans dimensioned and drawn to scale.
If an applicant is proposing a new driveway, the applicant should expect to wait at least 30 days for issuance. The proposed driveway process requires approval from the Zoning Department and approved field inspections from the Bureau of Electricity, Bureau of Forestry, Bureau of Sewers, Department of Water Management and the Department of Transportation. The application needs approval from the Alderman of the ward in which the property falls within. If the alderman does not reply to the application within 20 days, aldermanic approval is granted by default.
The driveway permit shall serve as an approved permit for driveway use only. A driveway construction permit must be obtained by a licensed sidewalk contractor before the driveway can be constructed. The driveway permit must be presented by the licensed contractor to the Department of Transportation.
The CDOT Permits Office (Infrastructure Management) is responsible for issuing driveway construction permits. A driveway permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance for installation. Driveway permits are not transferable from owner to owner (see below)
Driveway permits are non-transferable from owner to owner. A driveway permit must be obtained in the current property owner’s name.  Tenants with a 10-year lease can apply in their own name.
Remember all applicants must submit all driveway applications at


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