Queen’s Landing Crosswalk To Be Restored

November 10, 2011

City to Provide Pedestrian Path to Lakefront from Grant Park

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is restoring the pedestrian crosswalk and traffic light on Lake Shore Drive at the area commonly referred to as “Queen’s Landing.” The crosswalk will provide pedestrians a safe route between Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park and the lakefront path.

“There is a definite need for a well-designed, safe crosswalk for pedestrians at this location,” said Gabe Klein, Commissioner of the Department of Transportation. “Despite the current deterrents, people continue to put themselves at risk by crossing Lake Shore Drive at what feels like a logical crossing instead of walking to Jackson Drive or Balbo Avenue.”

Construction to restore the crosswalk will begin on Thursday, November 10 and the crosswalk and traffic signal will begin operating on Thursday, November 24. Traffic on Lake Shore Drive will be impacted at various times during the project while lanes are closed for short periods as crews work, but the bulk of the work, including closing two lanes in each direction, will take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 19.

CDOT officials are removing 20 bollards and chains to create a 17-foot opening on the west side and an 18 foot-opening on the east side of Lake Shore Drive. The remaining 26 bollards will help direct pedestrians to the crosswalk and prevent crowds from spilling onto the thoroughfare.

The crosswalk will be ADA-compliant, with curb ramps and lowered pedestrian buttons. The site will also include pedestrian countdowns, to help pedestrians make informed decisions before attempting to cross without being temporarily stopped at the median.

The project will cost an estimated $125,000, and CDOT will re-use the removed bollards as replacements in other locations, including along Congress Parkway.

The crosswalk was originally installed in 1988 and was removed in 2005 to improve traffic flow.

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