Concrete Protection Coming to Dearborn Street Bike Lane

September 13, 2018

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The Chicago Department of Transportation Department (CDOT) announced it has begun construction of a concrete curb-protected bike lane on Dearborn St. between Polk St. and Kinzie St. as part of a Complete Streets project that will improve the comfort and safety for all users of one of the City’s busiest bike routes. Approximately 800 people bike on Dearborn during the afternoon commute.
Construction will occur from south to north, with work concentrated in four block segments. The northbound bike lane of Dearborn between Polk St. and Adams St. will be closed initially for approximately two weeks for the installation of a new concrete curb protected bike lane.
People biking northbound will be required to merge into the travel lane. Signs have been posted in the construction zone reminding motorists they are required to yield to people riding bikes. Motorists should not attempt to pass bicyclists unless they can do so while giving bicyclists at least three feet of room and without exceeding the speed limit. The southbound Dearborn bike lane will remain open between Kinzie and Harrison; a detour is required between Harrison and Polk due to other construction work. Southbound bicyclists can ride east on Harrison Street and south on Plymouth Court to Polk Street.
Construction will be limited to off-peak hours. The construction is estimated to last approximately 4 weeks.
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