Pothole repairs

CDOT crews repair potholes on 3,800 miles of streets in neighborhoods throughout the city all year long.  The months of December through April are considered the heart of the pothole season--when the city typically sees the highest number of potholes.  However, crews work throughout the spring, summer and fall as well.

CDOT uses several techniques that enable the department to fill hundreds of thousands of potholes each year .  They include:

  • Computerized mapping and tracking of potholes reported to the City’s 311 system
  • Seven-day-a-week deployment of pothole repair crews during the winter months, including weekend crews and an overnight crew
  • The use of high-performance cold-patch asphalt material for pothole repairs during the winter months and hot mix asphalt in spring, summer and fall. 

For a comprehensive overview of CDOT's pothole operation, click on the link below:

CDOT pothole operation--winter 2010-2011--frequently asked questions

To report a pothole, click on the link below.

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