Traffic Safety, Signals, Lights and Signs

CDOT oversees all traffic signals, street, alley and viaduct lights, and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all street signs.  

The Division of Electrical Operations maintains nearly 300,000 street and alley lights and more than 3,000 signalized traffic intersections.  They also handle other high-priority and emergency requests, like downed power wires and damaged or fallen poles.

Each year, CDOT handles tens of thousands of reports from Chicagoans about street and alley lights out.  Most of them are completed within a few days to a week.  CDOT prioritizes all-block outages before addressing single streetlight and alley light outages.

Streetlight repairs are done equally across the entire city.  No one area is prioritized over another. CDOT takes streetlight issues seriously, and uses many resources to provide repairs as quickly as possible.  We encourage citizens to continue to report streetlight issues to CHI 311

Field Manual For Sign Installation


Chicago Traffic Information

Information about traffic signals, traffic counts and red-light camera locations

Missing or Damaged Sign

Use this service type to report a missing or damaged street name, parking or traffic sign. A location or address is required in order to process this request.

Missing/Damaged One Way Sign

Service requests used to replace or repair a missing, damaged or turned do not enter sign; stop sign; or all other signs

Missing/Damaged Stop Sign

Request a missing stop sign.

Service Request for Street Light Out

Check status of a service request for a street light repair.

Traffic Signals/Traffic Lights

The Department of Transportation Division of Electrical Operations maintains Chicago’s 2,732 traffic signalized intersections.

Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting

Chicago has embarked on a program to greatly improve illumination under its viaducts.