811 Chicago (Digger) and Dig Site Notification Procedures

811 Chicago (Digger):
Please visit our updated digger site at https://ipi.cityofchicago.org/Digger 


Dig Site Notification Procedures - What should I do?

Notify DIGGER at 811 or 312.744.7000 if you experience any of the following unforeseen issues at your dig site:

  • Utility "No-Show" or no direct contact
  • Incomplete Utility markings
  • The work site requires a refresh/remarking of utilities
  • Unidentifiable facilities during excavation
  • Excavation damage to an underground facility - Notify owner of damaged facility immediately

When you call DIGGER, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The City of Chicago Permit number assigned by Construction Compliance (if applicable)
  • The Dig number assigned to the work site
  • Your agency name and address
  • An on-site contact name, phone, cell, and fax numbers
  • Site location address where excavation or demolition has taken place
  • Type of facility damaged (if applicable).

Supporting Information Facts