Chicago Conservation Corps' Environmental Leadership Training Program

Find out how you can become a C3 Leader:

Chicago Conservation Corps Leaders are ...

Leaders participate in five 4-hour training classes that equip them with a broad understanding of urban environmental challenges and opportunities. Local experts teach these classes, which cover environmental principles and skills in five subject areas (water, air, energy, land & community organizing).

Making a difference
Following the classes, Leaders turn their learning into action by developing and leading environmental service projects in their communities with support from C3 Partners and staff. After the project is complete, the Leader is recognized at an annual Leader Graduation Celebration and earns a C3 Leader Certificate.

Playing important roles in their communities
Certified C3 Leaders are valuable resources to communities and organizations that want to improve Chicago's environmental quality of life. They develop a solid understanding of how to run a successful environmental service project and how to serve as a resource for environmental service across Chicago. Leaders can go on to develop new projects for years to come, pursue further training, and learn more about environmental issues that interest them.

Supported with a growing network
C3 Leaders become part of a growing network of environmental movers and shakers who are working together to improve Chicago's environment on a large scale. C3 Partners and staff work with Leaders to support new efforts they would like to pursue.

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