Chicago's Natural Boulevard Parkways

Chicago’s boulevard parkways are healthy places for you to enjoy.

During the spring and summer, you may see dandelions in the parkways. This is a sign that CDOT has limited the use of chemicals that are typically sprayed to control weeds. CDOT does this in an effort to minimize the impact on our environment.

CDOT also mows regularly to keep weeds down. In keeping with natural turf care basics, CDOT keeps grass three
inches high. This allows roots to grow strong and access water deep in the ground. As a result, the taller grass
naturally shades out some weeds.

Since CDOT has reduced the use of chemical weed killers, dandelion flowers can grow back quickly. When you see
a dandelion, just remember: the grass is healthy and safe for you,, your family and your pets..

For more information, contact CDOT at 312.744.3600, e-mail

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