Instructions for residential driveway permit application


Please read carefully and submit the following items along with the completed application form.


Plat of Survey or sketch: Five (5) copies of a plat of survey for all proposed driveways or two copies of a plat of survey or drawing for existing driveways showing exact location of proposed or existing driveways

Photograph:  One (1) photograph for all proposed driveways and all existing driveways showing curb cut, apron and sidewalk area.

Certificate of Insurance:  Must provide a copy of homeowner’s insurance policy for the amount of $250,000 of liability. The “City of Chicago, its Officers, Employees, or Agents” must be added to insurance policy as an Additional Insured, the driveway addresses or property address as the address listed on the application and the certificate holder’s address as the address shown above. (Please note the name if the insured on the certificate of insurance is the name that should be placed on the application.)


City of Chicago, Department of Transportation
121 North LaSalle Street, City Hall – Room 905
Chicago, Illinois  60602


Elevation/slope: All new construction applications must provide five copies of an elevation when driveway(s) enter or exit the building. All driveways with a slope must provide a surveyor’s engineers report.


Application fee: $10--made payable to the City of Chicago.

  • Proposed driveways—must be signed by the Zoning Department, on the 9th Floor of City Hall.
  • Application must be completed in its entirety.
  • Applications will not be accepted through the mail.
  • Questions call the Department of Transportation’s Driveway Permit section at 312.744.9148.

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