OUC Review Criteria

The following is a listing of proposed projects requiring Existing Facility Protection (EFP) Review. The OUC retains authority, assigned by the Commissioner, to request full OUC review for any proposed projects that may have an impact on the City’s surface and/or subsurface infrastructure, not shown in the listing below:


1. New Installations or Resolutions which parallels traffic flow including all street intersection areas when an excavation in the Public Way (street pavement, alleys, parkway or into vaulted sidewalk areas) is required.


2. Maintenance, Repair or Relocation of any existing facilities involving excavations or earth retention system penetrations deeper than twelve (12) feet within the Freight Tunnel System Area which is bounded by Cermak Road, Halsted Street, Chicago Avenue and Lake Michigan.


3. Maintenance, repairs or construction in existing vaults requiring demolition of or excavation beyond the existing floor, wall or roof.


4. Exploratory Borings and Excavations equal to or greater than deeper than twelve (12) feet within the Freight Tunnel System Area as defined in above in item 2. This is applicable to all Public Way and private property.


5. Private and Public Developments which have excavations, foundations or earth retention system penetrations equal to or greater than twelve (12) feet below adjacent Public Way grade or when excavations deeper than four (4) feet extend beyond the development’s property lines and into the Public Way.


6. Any project which requires issuance of a Harbor Permit which involves below-grade excavation or penetrations within 40 feet of an existing waterway.


7. Any directional boring installation under the Public Way and water ways. All directional boring installations under private property when penetration is deeper than twelve (12) feet (Note: directional boring installation in the Public Way are only allowed under sidewalks, parkways and alleys, and any installation under the street crossing must be installed by open cut trench method.


8. Any structural installations (manholes, handholes, catch basins, pull boxes, inlets, etc.) See "Manhole Installation Requirements"

9. All locations/intersections where new ADA Ramps are to be installed. For ADA Guidelines Standards – Corner Ramp Design Preference and allowable Design Variances, visit CDOT’s web site at www.Cityofchicago.org/Transportation.


10. Any building demolitions requiring the use of explosives. See “Procedures For Implosion Permitting