Excavator responsibilities

Excavator Responsibilities - Contractual and Municipal:

  • To provide notice to the Chicago Utility Alert network (DIGGER 811 or 312-744.7000) not less than 48 hours (exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) but no more than 14 calendar days in advance of the start of the excavation or demolition. "When applicable, all excavation areas are to be clearly marked in safety white paint prior to calling DIGGER. While paint is not required for joint meets or emergency work" (black paint during winter months or snow)
  • The use of white paint will assist the locators when marking the excavation area. Marking out the excavation area in white paint will also help minimize unnecessary utility markings in the public way and will increase locator efficiencies. As a result, less down time for crews.
  • Excavators requesting dig tickets are responsible for the protection of utility markings at the job site.  Protecting and maintaining utility markings at the job site will ensure that the underground facilities locations are always known. Remember: Any markings of underground utilities utilizing utility colors must be done by facility owners or authorized agents only.
  • It is the Excavator's responsibility to request refreshing marks when needed, but no longer then 28 calendar days after the last requested date.  The loss of markings will require that you call DIGGER for a refresh. This language is printed on all work permits issued by the Department of Transportation, Construction Compliance Division.
  • Joint Meet Tickets automatically become a Dig Ticket 48 Hours after the time of the Joint Meet.  Excavators will be required to immediately alert DIGGER if attendance at the Joint Meet by utility locators and/or member representatives is a problem.  Excavators will not be required to make a second call to DIGGER in order to have the area marked out prior to the start of work. Utilities will have an additional 48 hours after the Joint Meet to locate/mark their facilities. This will minimize repeated calls to DIGGER and bring uniformity throughout the State of Illinois relative to joint Meet Tickets.
  • Honor all time/marking requirements and dig in a reasonable and prudent manner, taking all reasonable and required precautions to avoid damage to underground facilities.
  • Hand excavation is required at least eighteen (18) inches on either side of a marked facility.

Note: If you call back Digger on a previously received dig number and after the 28 days expired, a new Dig Ticket will be issued and you must allow utilities an additional two (2) days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) to mark.

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