Implosion permitting procedures

Step 1

Demolition Requestor shall submit 1 copy of a plot plan and electronic drawing (CADD drawing in DWF Format), indicating the location or portions of buildings to be imploded in relation to all surrounding Public Way elements (streets, alleys, waterways) to the Office of Underground Coordination (OUC).


Step 2 (duration—one day)

The OUC will distribute this to the membership for Information Retrieval and Existing Facility Protection, requesting a response regarding the location of facilities and amount and cost of work required to allow implosion.


Step 3 (duration—30 days)

As responses are received, the Demolition Requestor may secure a status of the review from the OUC.


Step 4 (duration—one day)

At the end of the 30-day review period, all members shall have responded and the OUC will notify the Demolition Requestor and provide a copy of the utility responses.


Step 5

Demolition requestor shall:

1.) Prepare a dimensioned plot plan indicating the location of all the adjacent public way facilities;

2.) Meet with all affected utility owners to arrange for any work which must be performed; and

3.) Obtain a letter from all utility owners indicating the type of work required (e.g., remove 3 ft. of service connection at main and cap main, etc.) and that the work has been completed or turned over to the Demolition Requestor to perform


Step 6 (duration—3 days)

The Demolition Requestor shall submit all the information required in Step 5 to CDOT’s Division of Infrastructure Management (DIM). DIM will review the information and establish the monitoring required in the public way.


Step 7 (duration—1 day)

DIM will inform the Office of Emergency Management and Communications/Traffic Management Authority (OEMC/TMA) with OUC number, that they may release whatever permits are required whenever they are satisfied that all requirements for release have been met.