Administrative Services

Personnel Division

The Personnel Division is charged with the day-to-day administration of the city’s personnel rules and regulations, including oversight of all departmental hiring, resignation and termination activities, administration of the department’s promotion, assignment and transfer process, and the management of promotional and entrance examinations.
In addition to maintaining the employee records, the Personnel Division manages the Medical Section that monitors the health and fitness of all uniformed members of the department. The Medical Section handles adjudication (case management of duty-related injuries by medical staff and processing of requisite administrative and medical documentation) of members who become ill or injured on or off duty. The section is also charged with implementing, maintaining and enforcing the general order pertaining to medical procedures of such ill or injured members.

Employee Assistance Program Unit

The Employee Assistance Program, administered by the Personnel Division, is a means to support CFD personnel and their families. The program provides CFD personnel and their families, a confidential means of finding solutions to a variety of work related problems.

Training Division

Training has become one of the most important tools to ensure that each member of the CFD is better prepared to address any emergency. The Training Division operates and conducts classes at two (2) locations; the Quinn Fire Academy and Fire Academy South. The responsibilities of the Training Division includes the initial training of all probationary firefighters and paramedics, and the required continuing education and training of all other the members of the CFD. Members are taught how to safely drive department trucks, engines, ladders and ambulances, and are also instructed in the proper use of breathing apparatus, thermal imaging cameras and other protective equipment. They also learn how to extricate victims from motor vehicles, conduct rescues and climb aerial ladders, amongst many other firefighter and paramedic duties.



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