Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau is a critical component of the Chicago Fire Department's effort to protect the citizens of Chicago against the loss of life and property through its enforcement of the Municipal Fire Codes.  The Fire Prevention Bureau has four area offices: North, South, West and Central.  These offices conduct general inspections of businesses, schools, hotels, public places of assembly, and high-rise occupancies within their geographic boundaries.  Inspections are done on an annual basis to insure that each entity complies with all required fire codes.

Emergency Preparedness: Emergency Evacuation of People With Disabilities

The provisions of these sections reflect minimum requirements which are not intended to restrict owners from implementing additional measures as warranted, provided that they do not conflict with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.ocedures for Emergency Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

Emergency Preparedness: Fire Detection & Suppression Systems Requirements

Emergency Preparedness: Fire Detection & Suppression Systems and Other Life Safety Requirments for High Rise Buildings

Emergency Preparedness: High Rise Buildings - Emergency Procedure & Inspections

An Overview of Emergency Procedures for High Rise Buildings

Fire Extinguisher Serviceman

Information pertaining to applicants desiring to be licensed as fire extinguisher servicemen to charge, fill, maintain, recharge, refill, repair and test fire extinguishers.

Fire Guard Certification

Each year thousands of visitors attend trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, and similar functions in the City of Chicago. To protect the public and the millions of dollars of displays, the Municipal Code of Chicago makes extensive requirements for fire safety in those facilities which host such shows. Included in these is the requirement for fire guards.

Fire Prevention Bureau Information

A quick glance at the City Of Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau Office locations, contact information and services offered.

Fire Prevention Bureau Library

Fire Prevention Bureau Life Safety Tips, Information, Plans

Fire Prevention Code Interpretation

Code Section 901.1 (modification of reference standards)

Hotel Desk Clerk Certification

In the event of a fire in a hotel, quick and proper action by the desk clerk can save lives and contribute to rapid control of the fire.

Mobile Food Vehicle Certifications

Rules for the effective implementation of Mobile Food Vendors, including regulations pertaining to construction and size requirements for mobile food vehicles, and, with input from the fire department, regulations pertaining to the installation, use, safety, and maintenance of propane tanks and natural gas apparatus in a mobile food vehicle.

Pyrotechnics License

Pyrotechnic Display Safety Information, Ordinance, Registration & Application for Display

Tint Tot Hot Spot

The Chicago Fire Department encourages children of all ages to check out the following fun learning activities and safety information!



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