Disciplinary charges stemming from the shooting of Adam Toledo filed with the Police Board

April 10, 2023

Disciplinary charges have been filed with the Police Board against Police Officer Eric Stillman alleging multiple rule violations stemming from his fatal shooting of Adam Toledo on March 29, 2021.  The charges recommend that Officer Stillman be discharged from the Chicago Police Department.

The role of the Police Board is to serve as an impartial body that makes decisions based on the evidence presented at a disciplinary hearing. The Board takes final action on all cases in public at its monthly meetings, where each Board member’s vote is announced and recorded, and the Board posts on its website its written decisions, which include detailed explanations of the reasons for the Board’s findings.

The Board’s process for handling disciplinary cases includes having a hearing officer oversee an initial status hearing followed by discovery, a pre-hearing conference, and then presentation of witness testimony and evidence at a hearing, which will be open to the public.  The initial status hearing of this case is scheduled for Monday, May 1 at 10:00am. (The status hearing will be held via audio conference; it will be open to the public, and information on how to listen to the status hearing is available from the Board’s office).

The Police Board does not comment on the substance of pending disciplinary cases. The Board’s final written decision will include detailed explanations of the reasons for the Board’s findings.

The public is reminded that the filing of charges is not evidence of guilt.  The accused officer is presumed innocent and are entitled to a fair hearing at which the Superintendent has the burden of proving guilt by a preponderance of the evidence.


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