Consent Decree

The State of Illinois and and the City of Chicago have entered into a Consent Decree that requires changes to the policies and operations of the Chicago Police Department, the Civilian Ofice of Police Accountability, and the Police Board.

Requirements Relating to the Police Board:

U.S. District Court Order:

  • The U.S. District Court entered an order on May 9, 2022, finding the Police Board to be in full and effective compliance with the requirements of Paragraph Nos. 533 - 539, and 565 of the Consent Decree, thereby commencing the two-year maintenance period retroactively to October 8, 2021, the date the Independent Monitor filed its Fourth Independent Monitoring Report.

Most recent Independent Monitor's report on compliance with Consent Decree requirements:

  • The Independent Monitor released its sixth semi-annual report on the City’s compliance with the Consent Decree on December 15, 2022. Of the 14 paragraphs the Police Board is responsible for implementing, the Monitor found the Board to be in full compliance with the requirements of 10 paragraphs (531, 533 – 539, 555, and 565), in secondary compliance with 1 paragraph (543), and in preliminary compliance with 3 paragraphs (540 – 542).
  • Independent Monitoring Report 6 (Police Board Sections)
  • The complete report is available on the Monitor's website

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