Fleet Management HQ to Relocate 200 Jobs to Englewood

February 28, 2017

18 Acres of City-Owned Land at North and Throop will be offered for Sale March 1

Mayor Emanuel today announced the next step in a plan designed to improve operations of the Chicago Department of Fleet and Facility Management (2FM) while spurring further economic development on the South Side. On March 1, the City owned land at 1685 N. Throop St., which currently houses 2FM headquarters, will be put up for sale as part of a two-phase plan that will replace the outdated City facility and relocate 200 jobs to Englewood. Funds from the sale of the land will be used to build a state-of-the-art new 2FM facility in Englewood.

“This move will double down on the progress we have made in Englewood while helping improve City government’s operations and efficiency,” Mayor Emanuel said. “By making community investments in areas that need them, we can deliver long-term economic benefits to the entire city of Chicago.”
The two-phase plan will relocate 2FM’s main fleet facility from 1685 N. Throop St. to South Wentworth Avenue and West 69th Street. The new facility will be built on a 12.5-acre City-owned site near the Dan Ryan expressway. Construction costs for the building would be funded by the City through the sale of the old complex. Community engagement will be included in the planning process for the new facility.
To build on the potential for economic development created by the relocation of these jobs, the City is simultaneously marketing property across the street from the proposed new 2FM facility, at 6705-6857 S. Wentworth Avenue, for a potential new retail and commercial development to create local jobs and amenities to support community needs as well as employees of the 2FM facility.

Last year Mayor Emanuel directed 2FM to review the configuration and operation of the City’s maintenance shops to find ways to improve operational efficiency for 2FM, the City, and sister-agency departments who use the equipment maintained by 2FM.
As part of this review, the shop at 1685 N Throop Street was identified as being underutilized and expensive to operate given its expansive size and construction type. The 18-acre complex includes 410,000 square feet of maintenance buildings for fire trucks, snow plows, police cars and other equipment.  In 2015, operating costs for this facility totaled more than $1 million.
“The relocated 2FM facility will not only save the City significant operational costs, but provides a new location that will be custom built to meet the needs of our operations while generating an economic impact in the Englewood community,” 2FM Commissioner Reynolds said.

The complex is being sold on an “as-is” basis. Bid proposals will be evaluated by the City based on price, developer experience, financial viability, and alignment with city plans, among other criteria.
The City purchased the Throop Street property in 1990 after leasing it for two years. The property was previously owned by Proctor & Gamble. Currently part of a Planned Manufacturing District, the site is being recommended for a mix of uses through the DPD’s ongoing North Branch planning framework.
The goal of the bid process is to generate funding for industrial and modern infrastructure development in Englewood, the North Branch corridor, and other areas. The bid process is being coordinated by Cushman & Wakefield on behalf of the City. A bid due date has not been established.

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