Jefferson Park Business TIF

Designation: 1998    Expiration: 2022

Encompassing portions of the Jefferson Park and Portage Park communities, the 79-acre Jefferson Park TIF district is characterized by a variety of commercial uses that include stores, service industries, eating and drinking places, and auto-oriented business establishments. The district also includes residential and open space uses, transit and railroad right-of-ways, and select industrial properties. The purpose of the TIF is to foster a strong, active and diverse mixed-use district through enhancements to public amenities that improve the pedestrian experience and the area's accessibility for business patrons and residents arriving by car. Priorities include the assembly of land of appropriate size and shape for new construction projects, assistance for rehabilitation efforts, transit improvements, new and improved public infrastructure, and job training.


Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amd #1 (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amd #3 (PDF)
Designation Ordinance (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Projection Report (Data Portal)



Jefferson Park Business TIF district, roughly bounded on the north by Winona Avenue, Montrose Avenue on the south, the Kennedy Expressway on the east, and Central and Linder avenues on the west.


Blue Line Jefferson Park Station

Wilson Park

Jefferson Memorial Park



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