December 21, 2017

Chicago Department of Aviation Announces Request for Proposals to Build, Manage New Concession Location at O'Hare Multimodall Facility

Building on commitment to increasing opportunities for local and disadvantaged businesses, CDA seeking 100 percent ACDBE at key development project for O’Hare

CHICAGO – The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) today issued a request for proposals (RFP) for qualified businesses to lease, finance, construct, and operate a dual purpose convenience and vending concession at the O’Hare International Airport Multimodal Facility (MMF) that is set to open later next year. As part of its commitment to enhancing participation across airport contracts, the CDA desires to attract 100 percent Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) participation for this single concession opportunity.

“This concession RFP is one of many opportunities for businesses to partner with the CDA as we modernize O’Hare and develop new facilities that will improve the customer experience at our airport,” said Ginger S. Evans, Commissioner of the CDA. “Through this RFP and with all our projects, we are committed to doing everything we can to provide more opportunities for disadvantaged businesses at our airports.”

The RFP is for a single concessions space of approximately 500 square-feet with the O’Hare Multimodal Facility that is currently under construction and anticipated to open in November 2018. The future concessions location is intended to provide a combination of concession products and services including food, beverages, coffee, packaged snacks, convenience items and other merchandise for thousands of travelers, car rental customers and employees who will utilize the MMF on a daily basis. The concessions space will also support an adjacent area of vending machines to accommodate visitors and employees on a 24-hour basis. The term of the agreement is seven years, with options for renewal.

The O’Hare MMF will consolidate the airport’s rental car operations and public parking into one facility, while serving as a new gateway to O’Hare. All on-airport rental car patrons will enter the facility, and passengers arriving on local and regional buses, hotel transports, and other commercial shuttles will access the airport by way of the facility, which is located at the southeast corner of Zemke and Mannheim Roads.

In addition to providing high quality service and products and optimizing concessions revenues to the airport, a key goal of this concession RFP is to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged businesses to operate at O’Hare, establishing a 100 percent ACDBE participation aspirational goal. Beyond this RFP, the CDA has statement its commitment to increasing participation by diverse, local and disadvantaged firms in all future projects, including the myriad capital redevelopment works in and around O’Hare through the next several years as part of the O’Hare 21 initiative.

The RFP released today notifies potential respondents that they have until January 30, 2018 to submit responses. A pre-proposal meeting is scheduled for December 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the CDA Administration Building located at 10510 W. Zemke Road. At the meeting, the CDA will present details on the RFP and answer questions from potential respondents.

The CDA has developed an online data room specifically for this concessions opportunity, where potential respondents can view the RFP, proposal forms, floor plans and other important documents to assist with submitting a proposal. The site includes a sign up feature to subscribe for and receive CDA bid alerts and other notices about doing business at Chicago’s airports. The online data room is available here:

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