The following information is intended to facilitate the reporting of claims presented to the City of Chicago.  Users are able to download and print a claim form so it can be completed manually and submitted in person or by mail or facsimile, to the following address: 

Chicago Claims Unit
2 N. La Salle St., Suite 350
Chicago, IL  60602
312.744.5650 Voice
312.744.5449 Fax
312.744.8677 TTY

Whether you chose to report a claim by mail, facsimile, or in person, the claim form and requested information are the same.

The types of claims that are accepted are:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents involving personal injury or property damage. Download form here.
  2. General liability claims involving property damage, such as vehicle damage from a road condition. Download form here.
  3. General liability claims involving personal injury, such as from a fall on public property. Download form here.




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