City of Chicago Department of Law Hosts Outside Counsel Open House

March 8, 2024

Local law firms learned how the Department utilizes outside counsel in litigation matters covering a range of practice areas.

CHICAGO – The Department of Law (DOL) today hosted an open house for Chicago law firms of any size interested in learning about opportunities to serve the City and the process for outside counsel engagement.

The networking and informational event, held at the Department of Law’s LaSalle Street office, was the first to be offered under the Johnson Administration and provided an opportunity to connect law firms and practice groups that haven’t traditionally done legal work for the City.

Representatives from the Department of Law’s transactional and litigation divisions presented information regarding practice areas that source outside counsel services such as constitutional & commercial litigation, employment litigation, federal civil rights, torts, amongst others.

“The success of today’s event opens new pathways to expanding access to legal expertise that may not be readily available within our own litigation teams or in cases when a conflict of interest arises,” said Corporation Counsel Mary Richardson-Lowry. “We were encouraged by the variety of firms showing interest, particularly those that handle complex or specialized legal matters.”

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