Board finds 24 lobbyists in violation for failure to timely complete training

July 20, 2017

The Board has determined that the following registered lobbyists failed to complete annual ethics training before July 1, 2017, as required by the Governmental Ethics Ordinance.  Lobbyists who did not complete the training as of July 19 are fined between $200 and $750 per day until they complete the training:

Edward Acevedo

Sam Balark – fined-paid

Doug Castro

Ronald Cope

Antonio DiPaolo

David Dring

Elizabeth Friedgut

Steven Ginsberg

Stacey Kodak

Raymond Long

Nicol Malas

Angelica Marks

Timothy McKeon - fined-paid

Nicole Michienzi

Jeffrey Owen

Thomas Ricketts

Michelle Robinson

Paul Rosenfeld

Elgie Sims

Chelsea Smith

Michael Sutton

Ajay Thomas

Vincent Valentine

Richard Velazquez


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