Board Finds 11 Lobbyists In Violation for Late Activity Reports

November 30, 2020

The Board has, pursuant to §§2-156-270 and – 505 of the Governmental Ethics Ordinance, determined that the following eleven (11) registered lobbyists violated the Governmental Ethics Ordinance for failing to timely file their Third Quarter Activity Reports. 

The following three (3) filed within the time period prescribed by law before the Board’s Executive Director could impose fines; therefore none was fined.  They are:

Michael Alvarez
DJavan Conway
Brian Stewart*

These eight (8) have yet to file their reports and are subject to fines of $1,000.00 per day until they have complied.  They are:

Tom Feeney
Robert Junge
Adam Marshand*
Janet Protas
Coy Pugh
Garr Punnett - $5,000.
Sharonya Simon*
Alexandra Sims - $1,000.

*Note: these lobbyists are retained or employed to lobby by non-profit organizations. As it announced in late 2019, the Board is waiving fines otherwise incurred by non-profit lobbyists pending potential amendments to the Governmental Ethics Ordinance.

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