Lobbyist On-Line Ethics Education Seminar

  • 2-156-146 of the Governmental Ethics Ordinance states that "Each lobbyist shall be required to complete in each consecutive twelve month period an ethics education training course developed by the board of ethics.  Such a course may be offered in-person, through an internet-based program, or other manner prescribed by the board of ethics."

Every registered lobbyist must complete the City's mandatory online lobbyist ethics training course, as required by the City's Governmental Ethics Ordinance by June 30 ever year. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the Board has extended the deadline for the current training to 11:59:59 pm on June 1, 2021. 

Penalties for failure to do so are severe.  Lobbyists will be subject to a determination that they violated the City's ethics ordinance and they can be fined between $200 - $750 for each day until training is completed.

Although it is designed for lobbyists, any person may view and complete this training.

To view the current training, click the link below.  The system will ask for your name and email address.  The Board will not use your email address for any purpose.  The Board will post a new training, due by July 1, 2022, in the next month or so.

The 2021-2022 training will be published soon.

This link will immediately launch the training.  To obtain your results, you will need to print your results as outlined in the training. 



 Please feel free to contact Ed Primer @ 312.744.9660 with any questions that you may have.