Enforcement and Regulation


Adjudication, Enforcement & Regulation

The Board of Ethics is authorized to adjudicate and settle investigations of alleged violations of the City Governmental Ethics Ordinance.

The Board:

  • May refer complaints to an appropriate Inspector General for investigation, and, upon completion of investigations in which the City's Inspector General petitions the Board for a probable cause finding, either finds probable cause or dismisses the matter
  • May settle the matter or hold an evidentiary hearing at which the subject alleged to have violated the ethics or campaign financing laws can present a defense
  • May, on its own initiative, find probable cause where evidence in its possession warrants it, and no factual investigation by the City’s IG is necessary. In these cases the subject may rebut the finding, but if the subject is unsuccessful, the Board may settle the matter or make a final public determination and impose fines; the subject may appeal that determination to the Cook County Circuit Court
  • Makes public all settlement agreements and concluded matters, and names names where it finds violations

Regulation and Public Disclosure

To foster knowledge of and transparency in government, the Board receives and makes available for public examination and duplication the following documents:

  • Statements of Financial Interests filed annually by managerial employees and officials in the City's;
  • Disclosures filed by City Council members regarding pending matters;
  • Disclosures filed by City employees and officials regarding gifts, business travel and miscellaneous recusals; and
  • Registration statements and activity reports filed regularly by registered lobbyists.


A Guide to Board of Ethics Enforcement Procedures

To view Board enforcement matters based on investigations by the Office of Inspector General and the former Office of the Legislative Inspector General, see this document.

Campaign Contribution Restrictions - List of Contractors

In accordance with the Governmental Ethics Ordinance, the Department of Innovation and Technology provides a list of current and former contractors who, during the preceding four reporting years, received from the City of Chicago payments totaling $10,000 or more in any 12-month period.

City Council Members’ and Other Elected Officials’ Disclosures

Disclosures/Notifications filed by Council members pursuant to Section 2-156-080 of the Ethics Ordinance