Ongoing Summary of Enforcement Matters

March 11, 2015

The Board of Ethics today is taking a great step forward in fulfilling its responsibility to administer and enforce the City's ethics laws.  The Board is now posting on the City's website an ongoing table showing every completed investigation presented to it by the City's two inspectors general, and the status and dispositions of those cases.  As required by law, the Board will update this table by releasing the names of persons found by it to have violated the law as soon as the law allows that release.

The table includes every investigation conducted by the City's Legislative Inspector General, and the status of those cases, and every completed ethics investigation presented to the Board by the City's Inspectors General.  This will give citizens a good idea of how busy the Board has been in enforcing the ethics laws, and matters.  The Board is proud of the work it does on behalf of the City.

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