Settlement Agreements

This page displays all settlement agreements entered into by the Board of Ethics and subjects of investigations conducted and concluded by either the City's Inspector General or former Legislative Inspector General, or after Board-initiated enforcement actions where no Inspector General factual investigation is needed.  As required by §2-156-385(4) of the Governmental Ethics Ordinance, these settlement agreements are not redacted, but are made available to the public in full.

Settlement agreements can be entered at any time after the Board of Ethics makes a finding of probable cause (probable cause means that there is a reasonable ground for the Board to believe that the evidence presented by either inspector general in a final investigative report would constitute a violation of the Ordinance, if not overcome by any materials or evidence submitted by the subject of the investigation).


12031.OLIG [2012OLIG0009] Ald. Proco Joe Moreno May 27, 2015
151695.IG [14-0338] Michael Acciari April 13, 2016
13039.OLIG Ald. Howard Brookins, Jr Sept. 8, 2017
17023.IG Evelyn Diaz Sept. 8, 2017
17011.06.LOB Anthony Davis Oct. 25, 2017
17011.08.LOB James Abrams Oct. 25, 2017
17011.10.LOB Alan King Oct. 25, 2017
17011.14.LOB William Singer Oct. 25, 2017
18018.IG Karen Rittorno Dec. 14, 2018
18012.IG William Burns Jan. 18, 2019
18023.IG Arthur Olvera Jan. 18, 2019
18012.2IG Airbnb Apr. 26, 2019
18023.IG.2 John McGuire

Jun. 14, 2019

19029.IG Thomas Wagner

Sept.18, 2020

21006.IG John LaGiglia

March 15, 2021

22036.L Carmen Rossi

April 24, 2023

23042. l Djavan Conway

Sept. 11, 2023

Settle.91423 Jason Lee

Sept. 14, 2023


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