Waivers from the Ordinance requested and granted by the Board

Under §2-156-402 of the Ordinance, the Board may grant any current or former City employee or official a waiver from compliance with respect to the following provisions of the Ordinance: (i) §2-156-142(a) (gifts) to the extent the waivers apply to material or travel expense for meetings; (ii) §§2-156-100 and 2-156-105 (post-employment restrictions); (iii) §2-156-110 (financial interest in City business); and (iv) §2-156-111(d) (the reverse revolving door restrictions) as to matters related to a city official’s or employee’s immediate former employer or client. 

In order for the Board to grant a waiver, a current or former city employee or official must request it in writing. The request must include: (i) the name of the requestor; (ii) the requestor’s agency and where the requestor works; (iii) the requestor’s title; (iv) the requestor’s responsibilities; (v) a detailed description of the situation; and (vi) permission for the Board or its staff to communicate with third parties as necessary and appropriate for the Board to determine whether to the grant or deny the waiver. 

The Board may grant a waiver with conditions, restrictions or limitations, including that the waiver may be withdrawn or modified upon contingencies set forth in the waiver grant from the Board. 

The waiver itself, if granted, shall be made public in a manner prescribed by the Board. However, the request and any information or documents related to the request or the Board’s determination shall not be made public and shall be and remain subject to the Ordinance’s and Board’s rules on confidentiality. 

If the waiver request discloses a past or existing violation of the Ordinance that is not minor, the Board shall share that information with the appropriate investigating authority pursuant to Rule 3-11. 

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