Lobbyist Definitions

  • LOBBYIST means any person who, on behalf of any person other than himself, or as any part of his duties as an employee of another, undertakes to influence any legislative or administrative action, including but not limited to:

(1) a bond inducement ordinance; (2) a zoning matter; (3) a concession agreement; (4) the creation of a tax increment financing district; (5) the establishment of a Class 6(b) Cook County property tax classification; (6) the introduction, passage or other action to be taken on an ordinance, resolution, motion, order, appointment or other matter before the City Council; (7) the preparation of contract specifications; (8) the solicitation, award or administration of a contract; (9) the award or administration of a grant, loan, or other agreement involving the disbursement of public monies; or (10) any other determination made by an elected or appointed City official or employee of the City with respect to the procurement of goods, services or construction; provided, however, that a person shall not be deemed to have undertaken to influence any legislative or administrative action solely by submitting an application for a City permit or license or by responding to a City request for proposals or qualifications.

The term "lobbyist" shall include, but not be limited to, any attorney, accountant, or consultant engaged in the above-described activities; provided, however, that an attorney shall not be considered a lobbyist while representing clients in a formal adversarial hearing.

  • PERSON means any individual, entity, corporation, partnership, firm, association, union, trust, estate, as well as any parent or subsidiary of any of the foregoing, whether or not operated for profit.
  • LEGISLATIVE ACTION means the introduction, sponsorship, consideration, debate, amendment, passage, defeat, approval, veto or other official action or non-action of or on any ordinance, resolution, motion, order, appointment, application or other matter pending or proposed in the City Council or any committee or subcommittee thereof.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION means any decision on, or any proposal, consideration, enactment or making of any rule, regulation, or other official non-ministerial action or non-action by any executive department, or by any official or employee of an executive department, or any matter that is within the official jurisdiction of the executive branch.
  • AGENCY means the City Council, any committee or other subdivision thereof, the Office of the Mayor, or any City department or other administrative unit, commission, board, or other division of the government of the City.
  • COMPENSATION means money, thing of value or other pecuniary benefit received or to be received in return for, or as reimbursement for, services rendered or to be rendered.
  • EXPENDITURE means a payment, distribution, loan, advance, deposit, or gift of money or anything of value.
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICES means services in any occupation requiring advanced or specialized education and training, including without limitation law, accounting, insurance, real estate, engineering, medicine, architecture, dentistry, banking, finance, public relations, education or consulting.
  • GIFT means any thing of value given without consideration or expectation of return.

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