Lobbyist Forms

Please note that anyone may print or download these blank forms and the filing instructions that accompany them, but the Board of Ethics will not accept for filing any form that is returned to the Board's offices electronically.  Only those forms delivered to the Board in person or by mail that contain hand-written signatures can be accepted by the Board of Ethics for filing in compliance with the relevant provisions of the City's Governmental Ethics Ordinance.


Before filling out any of these reports, you may want to read the Lobbyist Filing Requirements and Definitions applicable to these forms.


The Interactive forms require a newer version of Adobe Reader that may be downloaded free from the internet.  With these forms you can fill in the blanks on your computer screen (and save the filled-in forms to your computer).  HOWEVER, as noted above, the Board of Ethics will not accept electronically submitted forms.



Information Sheet

(applicable to both kinds of forms)

Form A - Statement of Registration Form A, Parts 1 & 2 - Statement of Registration
Form B - Amendment to Registration Form A, Part 2 - Client Information Sheet
Form C - Activity Report Form B - Amendment to Registration
Form D - Lobbyist Termination Notice Form C, Parts 1-3 - Activity Report
  Form C, Parts 1-2 (no activity to report)
  Form C, Part 3 (client activity)
  Form D - Lobbyist Termination Notice

Supporting Information Facts