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The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities Career Center strives to prepare individuals with disabilities for meaningful career opportunities.  Our model centers on the right of the job seeker to follow their desired career goals, as well as opening new pathways of opportunity. We partner with employers to source qualified candidates that meet their employment needs, while providing individualized support and training. The MOPD Career Center collaborates with City of Chicago departments, sister agencies, and community organizations to provide career-readiness resources throughout Chicago’s 77 community areas.

MOPD Career Counselor speaking with a potential job seeker

We help job seekers with disabilities prepare for, secure and retain meaningful employment. 

Job Seekers

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We partner with community-based organizations and sister agencies throughout our 77 Chicago neighborhoods.

Community Partners & Employers

Mural on the Central West Community Center with three different images. On the left of the mural shows a brown skin man with a loss limb holding a piece of chalk to a chalk board spelling out the words pride. In that same image is a young brown skin boy in a red shirt and yellow pants holding chalk to the chalk board. In the center of the mural is a brown skin male with a white and purple sweater wearing blue headphones and a laptop computer in front of him. His eyes are closed and behind him are calculations. On the right of the mural are a three people, a brown skin woman with a young brown skin child on a blue and yellow hospital table. There is a light tan man in a wheel chair with a lap coat on holding a stethoscope to the chest of the young brown skin boy

We analyze Social Security Benefits of individuals with disabilities.

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MOPD Career Center Frequently Asked Questions

MOPD can assist in completing an application for persons with disabilities under the age of 59 years old. Once the application is completed you will be contacted for an in-home assessment to determine your needs. A person may receive up to six hours of personal assistance to help with meal preparation, food shopping, and household tasks like washing dishes or doing laundry.

Yes, we can help you get access to meals. MOPD will assist you in completing an application for MOW. Criteria includes: verification of disability, residency, and age (under 59 yrs.)

Yes, free amplified telephones are available to any Illinois resident with hearing loss, blind, or speech-disabled regardless of age or income. Available equipment include: cell phone amplifier, amplified phones, captioned phones, TTY, and braille phones. Visit us at City Hall or our Central West Community Center location at 2102 W. Ogden Ave to test these devices and choose the best option for you. We will assist you in completing the application. 

MOPD can assist you in completing an online application with the State of Illinois's Benefit Access Program. This allows persons with disabilities, such as a fee discount on license plates and free rides on fixed-route transits. Eligibility is determined by age, disability, residency and income.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) provides cash benefits for people who are disabled, with little or no work history, who have low-income and resources. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)provides cash benefits for people who are disabled that have a work history and paid into the Social Security (FICA) tax system. SSDI pays a monthly benefit to people who are unable to work for a year or more because of a disability. To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must: a) have worked in jobs covered by Social Security; and b) have a medical condition that meets Social Security's eligibility requirements. Here is the link to see how you qualify Social Security qualifications.

No, all of our services are free.

You need to be a city of Chicago resident to receive services from MOPD.  However, we can connect you to resources in your area.

Please call (312) 746- 5773 and use prompt #3.  You can also email us at

Please bring a resume and cover letter if you have one.  You can also email us those documents ahead of time.

Yes, we will still work with you even if you are getting services at another organization.

Job Coaching Definition: Job coaches work with you and your employer at the jobsite to identify your new roles and responsibilities, making sure that they are broken down into manageable steps. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to support job seekers at this level. If you are interested in a job coach, speak to your Career Counselor about applying to work with Department of Rehabilitation Services. 

Every job seeker’s experience is different, and the amount of time will be different for everyone.

No, however we can help you connect with someone who can.  

We do not need your Ticket to Work voucher to provide services. If you would like to assign your ticket to an accepting agency, we can help you connect with an agency that uses Ticket to Work vouchers.  

If you are actively seeking employment, we encourage you to meet with your Career Counselor every 1-3 weeks.