Public Policy and Public Affairs

The Public Policy and Public Affairs Unit of the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (“MOPD”) identifies and directs MOPD’s legislative priorities and spearheads department accessibility compliance and policy initiatives. The unit also helps promote an understanding of issues concerning people with disabilities, from high-level initiatives to community outreach and education.

Public Policy

Current or ongoing Initiatives include:

  • Analyzing disability-related legislation. Working with OEMC to develop emergency preparedness policies related to people with disabilities.
  • Developing policies to enhance access to the COVID vaccine.
  • Monitoring status of WAV taxis and rideshare availability and service.
  • Participating on the following committees:
    • Labor & Economic Policy Working Group
    • Chicago Food Policy Advisory Group
    • Mayor’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee
    • Mayor’s Gender-Based Violence Advisory Group

Past initiatives include:

  • Increasing the accessible transportation opportunities with taxicab and rideshare services.
  • Promoting pedestrian access and safety for people with disabilities, including developing a pilot APS program.
  • Promoting the Business Enterprises owned by People with Disabilities (BEPD) program.
  • Ensuring that the City’s Scooter Pilot Program regulations prevent barriers or hazards to people with disabilities using the public ways.
  • Participating in OEMC emergency drills and exercises and reviewing the City’s emergency operation plan to ensure they are inclusive of people with disabilities.
  • Evaluating RFPs for the new WAV dispatch service.

Public Affairs and Information

Provides guidance and assistance to City departments, sister agencies, community organizations and the general public seeing disability-related information.


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For additional information contact MOPD at:

312.744.4496 (Voice)

312.744.3314 (Fax) (Email)

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