Housing and Home Modification

MOPD offers a range of housing services aimed at enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Through the Home Modification program, MOPD strives to make homes more accommodating by implementing various modifications. These adjustments encompass the installation of lifts or ramps at home entrances, replacing traditional bathtubs with roll-in showers, adjusting sink heights, and incorporating accessibility tools tailored for individuals with diverse needs such as those who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or have low vision.

In addition to home modifications, MOPD actively connects people with disabilities to affordable and accessible housing units. The organization serves as a valuable resource, providing information on housing programs and available resources to empower individuals in their housing choices. Furthermore, MOPD acts as an advocate for accessible housing, particularly within the City of Chicago, championing the rights and needs of people with disabilities in the realm of housing accessibility.