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Photos of a bathroom before and after HomeMod modifications

The HomeMod Program provides accessibility modifications for Chicago residents with disabilities, with low income. Renters and homeowners may apply. Landlord permission is required for renters. Modifications may include ramps, porch and stairlifts, roll-in showers, widened doorways, accessible sinks, and cabinets. 

HomeMod works with licensed, insured, and experienced home remodeling companies. All services will be performed in accordance with federal, state, and municipal accessibility legal requirements. Qualifying individuals may re-apply for additional modifications after waiting one year from service.

Download the applications below.  Printed applications are available by request at 312-743-5767. Proof of age, disability, household income, and building insurance must be submitted with the application.

Applications are accepted year-round at the Central West Community Center located at 2102 W. Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60612, or by email at MOPDHomeMod@cityofchicago.org

HomeMod 2024 Income Limits 80% Area Median Income*

Household Size

1 Person $62,800
 2 Person $71,800
 3 Person $80,750
 4 Person $89,700 
 5 Person $96,900
 6 Person $104,100
 7 Person $111,250
8 Person $118,450 

*Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL HUD Metro FMR Area 

MOPD Home Mod Frequently Asked Questions

There is no age requirement, we serve people with disabilities and seniors. 


The HomeMod programs is only available to individuals that live within the City of Chicago 

For most modifications we provide, the individual may remain in the home. For some underlying medical conditions, it may be safer to find alternative living arrangements during construction. Typical projects take 5-10 days to complete. 


The timeline for each HomeMod varies based on many factors. The average time from the application process to completion of the job is 4-6 months. 


The HomeMod program is an all-in-one program. We provide our applicants with a full-service program. Permits, equipment, vendor selection construction and inspections are all provided by MOPD at no charge.

Currently, we are limiting the HomeMod program to one modification per applicant per household per year. 

Rental properties can receive modifications with the prior approval of the building owner or landlord. 

Pressure treated pine is the most common and readily available lumber in the Chicago area and is used on all exterior projects requiring lumber.  Decks, stairs and ramps should be sealed 6 months after installation and can be stained at that time, HomeMod does not provide this service.

Currently, we are unable to accommodate upgrades in materials or products. All items utilized in the HomeMod program are standard and easily accessible. This standardized approach enables HomeMod to streamline costs and project timelines, ensuring all clients receive equitable modifications.