Job Shadow Day Program

Job Shadow Day is a national program that is coordinated on the local level by MOPD and Chicago Public Schools.  Students' mentees are matched with a workplace mentor in their desired career areas of interest, enabling them to have a hands-on experience of a "typical day" on the job in that field.

Employer will:

  • Provide the students with a quality educational/learning experience, and whenever possible, give them exposure to the overall operation of your organization.
  • Provide lunch for the students while in your workplace.


Students will:

  • Obtain all required approval (parents, CPS) to participate in this activity.
  • Be matched with employers by MOPD and CPS based on career areas of interest.
  • Confirm with their matched employer contact before the day of their assignment.
  • Be expected to participate in this activity from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
  • Be expected to travel independently to/from their assigned workplace.


Mark your calendars!

Groundhog Job Shadow Day is held each year, usually from February thru April - (COVID Restrictions Pending).

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