Information for Motorists with Disabilities

Read below to learn more about driving and parking in Chicago for motorists with disabilities.

Disabled Parking Placard and Plate Information

  • Due to a new law enacted by the Illinois General Assembly, significant changes have been made to the Persons with Disabilities Parking Program, which affect both new applicants and current disability placard and license plate holders. Information can be found by visiting the Secretary of State's Disabled Parking Placard website.
  • The recertification for current disability placard and license plate holders will begin in April 2013. Enforcement of the new provisions will begin January 1, 2014.

Parking Meters

  • If you have yellow and gray placard, you will be exempt from paying any meter in the State of Illinois.
  • If you have a blue and white placard, you now must pay the meter but you can still park in any designated disabled parking space
  • The State of Illinois honors disabled parking placards from most states and foreign countries. However, as of January 2014, out of state placards will no longer allow a motorist to receive a meter exemption in Illinois.
  • You cannot park in a space during a time when parking is prohibited (i.e. “No Parking, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.”).

Illegal use of Placards

Residential Disabled Parking

  • People with disabilities who meet the qualifications can now apply for a Residential Parking Permit. This permit ensures that residents of densely populated areas have access to parking near their residence. To find out more information visit Residential Disabled Parking Signs Information.

Parking Appeals

  • The Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities evaluates appeal letters in request of a review of the denial of a residential disabled parking sign. For more information, contact MOPD at 312.744.7051 (Voice) or 312.744.4964 (TTY).

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