Care of the Chicago Public Way

Chicago's streets play an important role in the livability, vitality, and character of our neighborhoods and commercial areas. Many public way improvements are installed by private developments in compliance with city requirements for new buildings and major rehabilitation projects. Thus, the responsibility for upkeep is binding on the developers and subsequent property owners or any other parties having a controlling interest in the property. As streetscapes in urban environments are subject to heavy use and adverse environmental conditions, they require consistent maintenance to remain appealing.

Property Managers can assist with the continuing public way maintenance effort by: 

  • Accommodating a variety of codes and conditions when planning landscape improvements within the City of Chicago.
  • Identifying unique landscape features to care for; such as hanging basket or planted median, from the building's development plans approved by the City.
  • Performing maintenance for the general and unique landscaping in parkway area to include continuous removal of weeds, mowing, trimming, edging, cultivation, reseeding, control of pests, watering and other operations to assure normal plant growth.
  • Promptly replacing damaged or dead trees, shrubs and ground cover in parkway area.
  • After the 5-year full maintenance period, contacting 311 to report tree problems in parkway areas while continuing to perform maintenance on parkway area.

Tree and plantings, key elements in the streetscape, improve air quality with the cooling effects and reduce storm water burden to the city's sewer line.

A national study found that people are willing to spend 12% more to shop in large cities' districts with mature trees and landscaping.

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