Chicago Urban Forest Management Plan

Chicago’s street trees are a key component of the city’s infrastructure providing over $12 million each year in essential environmental and economic benefits that directly improve the quality of life of city residents. As with other city infrastructure, like roads, bridges and utilities, street trees need proactive care and routine maintenance. However, unlike other infrastructure assets that lose value over time, street trees actually increase in value providing their maximum benefits decades after planting. The current asset value of Chicago’s street trees is approaching $1 billion and with proactive planting, care, and management its value will continue to grow. Recognizing this critical point, the City of Chicago’s Bureau of Forestry has taken the proactive step to develop an Urban Forest Management Plan.  

The purpose of the Urban Forest Management Plan is to provide strategies and actions to improve Chicago’s street tree management program in an efficient, sustainable, and equitable manner. This plan was systematically developed using a variety of information obtained through staff interviews; site visit; review and analysis of sample street tree inventory data, budgets, staffing, fleet, equipment, and technology; review of plans studies and guidelines; and a program assessment.

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2023 Chicago Urban Forest Management Plan 

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