To Nominate Tree of the Year

  • Objectives:  Chicago’s Tree of the Year is an annual designation of a city tree used to increase awareness of the different trees around us, and to encourage the planting of a wider variety of trees, by highlighting sustainable trees suitable for the Chicago landscape.
  • The Tree of the Year further promotes tree diversity by changing the designation each year rather than establishing a single city tree.
    • Method:  The instructor references the enclosed list of trees.

      • Introduce the different types and benefits of trees suitable for Chicago landscapes using the “Top 10 Trees” information.
      • Ask students to identify tree(s) listed in the “Top 10 Trees” within the school grounds, and (optionally) to identify other types of trees not listed that have superior characteristics and/or qualities.  Be sure to look at tree shape, leaves, bark, and flowers.
      • Ask students to nominate a Tree of the Year by voting in the classroom and optionally by drawing a picture or writing about the significance of that particular tree.  If the nominated tree is not included on the Top 10 list, an accompanying description of why the tree was chosen is required.
      • As part of an Arbor Day celebration, the instructor may reference the “Top 10 Trees” and encourage the students to vote for their favorite tree.
      • Forward the nomination for Tree of the Year (only 1 tree) to the Department of Streets and Sanitation – Bureau of Forestry by May 30th for final selection.
      • Applicants will be notified via Email of the tree Selected as the Tree of the Year.

Note:  Due to cold weather and the leafless condition of trees, students may not able to identify a tree by the Arbor Day celebration; tree nominations can be submitted through the end of May.

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